Saturday, 5 January 2013

Project Life 2013

Today i thought i would share with you all some great planning goodies that I have found in the past week or so for Project Life.  To go with my word for the year which is "organized" I thought I would look at lots of different areas that I needed to be more organized in and Project Life was one of them.

I am using the Clementine Collection this year and just loved the colours in it.  As I did last year i add in other page protectors each week in addition to the Design A pages.  I will share more about this in another post.

One thing I have struggled with is keeping and remembered what photos I am going to use each day or week!  I found this amazing printable which is free from the amazing "The Organised Housewife" who is a wonderful Blogger in Australia.  Unfortunatly i don't know her name and will find out.  I have just found her Blog and Facebook page in the past week or so.  This is a free printable from her shop and is to organize your project life photos.

Project Life Photo Planner

The Organised Housewife Project Life Photo Planner

Yes it does say 2012 but that doesn't matter to me.  You just add it to your cart in her online shop!

Over the last month of so I have found videos or bloggers showing print outs or sketches of how they want to layout each of their Project Life Spreads.  Well I happened to come across this wonderful blog in a video I was watching yesterday and have printed out a pile of Design A sketches for me to plan my pages better.

Project Life Planner Pages


This is from this wonderful Blog

I will work on a few Blog Posts about my Project Life and upload them when i can.  Any questions or comments just let me know.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mmmmm Cinnamon Rolls - even thought it's hot and muggy!

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Here you are.  This makes enough dough for 2 batches so you can either freeze half, make 2 batches of the filling or make half the recipie.  I made a full mix the other day and put half in the freezer which I have defrosted and cooking tomorrow morning as a gift.

Annabel Langbein’s Sticky Buns

125 grams butter
2 cups milk
3 tsp dry yeast granules
¾ cup sugar
6 cups high grade flour
1 tsp salt

To Fill

6 tbsp at least of softened but not melted butter
½ cup sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon

Place the butter in a small pot and heat gently until melted.  Removed from the heat and add the milk.  The mixture should be at blood temp before you sprinkle the yeast and sugar over the top.  Stir for 1 min or 2 until the yeast is absorbed.

Mix flour and salt together in a large bowl.  The milk mixture and stir until just combined.  Tip the dough onto a lightly floured surgace and knead until smooth and silky about 60 – 100 kneading strokes.  Place the dough in a large lightly oiled container cover with a clean cloth and leave to rise in a warm place until it has almost doubled in size.  Approx 1 hour.

When risen, divide the dough in half.  Roll 1 half out to about a 60 x 30 cm rectangle on a lightly floured board or bench.  To fill brush or spread with a knife the butter onto the dough…I would use as much as you want more if you wish than this amount.  Then sprinkle with the combined sugar and cinnamon and then roll up the dough tightly along the longest edge.  I tend to start at one end of the longest side and then work towards the other if that makes sense.  I gently wet the far end with a bit of water to seal.   Cut into slices about 4 cm wide and you should have about 20 scrolls.

Now you can either put into a lined round cake tin or lined throw a way metal dish or as I have been doing lately fill muffin trays with liners and put one slice in each and then put aside with a clean tea towel over the top to rise for 20 mins in a warm but not hot place or the butter will melt for 20 mins.

Put into a preheated oven at 200C for 12 – 15 mins until golden and cooked through.

I then let them cool if in muffin pans on a wire rack otherwise leave in cake dish/pan…I then make a mix of water, icing sugar and maple syrup to your taste and then when Cinnamon rolls are warm not hot drizzle as much or as little as you want or another option is to heat ¼ cup sugar with 3 tbps of water until dissolved and boil for 5 mins and brush the scrolls with hot syrup as they come from the oven or dust with icing sugar….

ENJOY! And I would love to see photos of you all enjoying these and will put them up on the blog.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

OMG Finally! I am back!

OMG finally I am back if you have been missing me!  I am so sorry but I have been having problems logging on and using my passowrd etc...

This morning I will quickly link some cool sites and blogs that I have found with some cool christmas tag and goodie ideas...I have got this set up so I can def log on again so will be back real soon.

FREE christmas printables {Shhh My Darling}

Enjoy everyone and I will be back real soon!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Things added to my favourites to share with you!

Firstly sorry for the lack of posts in the past week...Between a very slow computer, hayfever and this humidity I have been running on very go slow but have all doors and windows open today, fan on and hopefully hayfever meds will work today...Enough about me now onto Christmas Stuff!!!

Yay Christmas Stuff!  Our school as I imagine many of yours are on count down mode until the last day of school.  We finish on the 18th which is a half day with prizegiving the night before.  Though if you have older children they may have already finished for the year or be in the process at the moment.  With this in mind, i will be posting Teacher Pressie ideas in a seperate blog post tonight.

Following are some of the great ideas I have been finding on Facebook, Blog Posts etc....I will be playing catch up on blog posts over the next few days so i hope you don't mind getting a hugel slort of them coming towards you!

Okay here goes everyone...The first of the things I have to share with you is

DIY Snowman Gift Wrap and Tag Video

Rudolf Treat Bags and Video

A Christmas Wreath made from Coffee Filters from Martha Stewart

DIY chalkboard Coasters

I love this and she is doing a Handmade Holidays Blog Posts which are just after my own heart.  There is a huge list of items from this year and 2011....

Papervinenz has a Card Tutiorial

An awesome site Tiny Me has free Christmas Printables

Here is another post about Christmas Cookie Packaing ideas

As you can see I love the celebration shoppe blog...Here's some more DIY Advent Calendar ideas for this year if you want to do 12 Days of Christmas type thing or book mark for next year.  If you do decide to book mark them for next year you also know what to look out for in the Post Christmas/Boxing Day Sales

Here's a no bake idea from Martha Stewart

Simple Sugar Cookies

Christmas Cookie ideas from Martha

So these are just a few of the things I have been putting into my favourites and bookmarking over the last few days...let me know if you want me to keep sharing...

Enjoy your morning and I will be back real soon!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Activities this week and Countdown!

Morning Everyone.  Last Day of November had dawned on us...

I have slowly been getting into my Christmas Activities this week. 

This started last week with a visit to Spotlight for Craft Supplies and then this week I took in 3 huge bags/boxes of craft supplies and toys and games into Star Ship Hospital.  This is something I am going to be doing on a montly business.  More on another post about this.  I have started posting on this blog again.  This morning I started on a surprise for David and put up his very own christmas tree and decorated it into his bedroom...I have left the Christmas Star for him to put on when he gets home.

 We are getting a big notice board this weekend for above his desk.  We will decorate that and the rest of his room with home made decorations and arts and crafts over the next few weeks.  I have put up our tree and will put our garlands up around the lounge and dining area and then will decorate and then decorate with David's 24 Christmas Noodle Box countdowns!

 Another thing that will be changing tomorrow is in our Kitchen I will bring out all our Christmas T-Towels...I have picked up some really nice and good quality christmas t towels and this will put some colour and christmas spirit into our kitchen.

Tomorrow morning I will start on my Daily December album...I have used a Teresa Collins kit from Artfull Crafts which came with a mini D Ring Album...I am loving it so far.  Here are a few photos of it so far.

I am also going to fill this Scrapbook Album I got on Special at Spotlight for David using photos from December so in a way it's his own Daily December album

Here is a link and photo to Ali Edwards Daily December Album

this link has her foundation pages for her 2012 december daily album along with links to lots and lots of other people's albums...Great to have a look.

Here is a video she did

Have a great evening everyone and I will be back tomorrow with another post...I hope you are enjoying them...tomorrow I will be sharing some recipies along with a couple of requested ones and some ideas for Secret Santa Pressies....

See you in December!!!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Advent Callendars & Decorating!

Wow, this morning I have really realised that there are only 2 sleeps until december where has this year gone let alone School term?

Tonight I will get Richard to get all our decoration and tree etc down from the attic area and tomorrow when he heads off to work and David off to School i am going to blast christmas carols and start decorating....We have an entry way with a dresser that I want to decorate and the area around it with possibly an extra small tree, our big tree and decorations in our open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area....Then there is the little extra surprise Mr 6 has no idea about...I managed to get a 3ft white christmas tree off Ezibuy for $13.00 and have some extra decorations and will decorate this tree and put in David's room for when he gets home from school...

I will then have a small box of special decorations and ornaments that we will put up as a family tomorrow night!

I will post before and After Pictures tomorrow night!!!!

When do you all decorate?

Advent Callendars do you all do these and have them?

We always have gone with a little message or occassional treat in a little countdown stockings...This year i am decorating Christmas Noodle Boxes and will number them and put a message or treat in them for each day...We do activities, christmas books, DVD etc!  I have gotten about 9 new Christmas books that have been on special through out the year.

Once I have finished our noodle boxes and gotten them already I will post photos for you all.

Our Activites include

Visit to Santa
Make Christmas cards
Wrap some pressies and drop off to Salvation Army
Visit Christmas Wonderland
Work on some Christmas Colouring In
Work on some printed out activities
Do some christmas baking
Open a new Christmas Book
Make gift for teachers
Make gifts for classmates
Watch a Christmas DVD
etc etc etc

Don't get me wrong there will be the odd Freddo Frog or something like that along with a couple of new christmas decorations that he gets every year...

What sort of Advent Callendar do you do?

Here are some ideas I have found around the Internet.

Christmas Basket 009 465

Advent Calendar 014 465

The wonderful amazing idea from the talented Tamar from Tarisota

on the above post Tamar has some awesome idea for Advent Callendars

Tamar is using the following little bags for her Advent this year

Please do visit her blog and show support!

The following are great ideas from Eighteen 25

there are also a huge amount on as well.  I am having a bit of trouble posting from things I have pinned so will update this in a few days!

Take care everyone and the next post will be about Daily December albums and 25 Days of December Albums....If you spot any great ideas you think should be featured on here please let me know.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Welcome to Christmas 2012!!!!!

Welcome to Christmas 2012....Yay, I have finally after lots and ltos of work been able to get back into this Blog to post!  I will try and Blog daily with lots of ideas and hopefully inspiration for this coming holiday season.  If you have anything that you would like me to blog about please leave me a message....I am working on the next few days worth of posts at the moment.  These will include

Secret Santa Ideas
Home Decor
Christmas & Holiday Lists

These are just a few things we will be covering this week!  I will also be posting a recipie daily as well...Are there any recipies in particular that you would like?

Take care & Stay Safe!